Buy Coated silver 30ml




Buy Coated silver 30ml

To begin with, Coated Silver® is the most safe, potent, stable, and efficacious coated colloidal silver on the market. Furthermore, our silver does not clump or trap in the body. Again, 10 nm round particles are polysaccharide coated for enhance safety and stability. More so, 20,000 PPM concentration can dilute to any desire lower parts per million. Moreover, it is highly stable in complex liquids, hence highly stable in the human body. We do not manufacture ionic or uncoated colloidal silvers. Coated Silver® was born at the Clarkson University, New York, USA.

The product is thoroughly research, and our claims base on valid scientific methodology. Coated silver is test in vitro and in vivo models. Our silver particle is feature in reputable scientific journals and on platforms like PubMed and NIH. We promote the product with integrity and civic responsibility, our mission being to safely enhance immune health while complying with the US FDA laws.

Is coated silver safe?

Safe, side effect free, used for antimicrobial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal applications. For use while traveling in airplanes, or visits to places where viruses and bacteria are prone to recirculate. Can be use for water treatments or drinking bottles to neutralize bacteria.

What’s the difference between colloidal silver and coated silver?

However, it is a unique technology colloidal silver with a high 20,000 ppm concentration and a very small and uniform particle size of about 10 nanometers. The particles are coat with a proprietary substance that protects the silver from being chemically active but allowing a slow release of silver ions.

What type of colloidal silver is best?

Mesosilver™ is quite simply the best true colloid silver on the market. It represents the most effective product in terms of particle size to concentration, and the best value for money.

How do I choose colloidal silver?

If you decide to buy a colloidal silver product, even for short-term use, choose those that clearly indicate the concentration in parts per million (ppm) on the product label (remembering that less is more). Do not be sway by any unsupport health claims.


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